Plextor PX-740A First Impressions

Drive just arrived from Newegg…today’s price $74.99 plus shipping. With the way Plextor Tech Support has handled my PX-716A debacle…I was pretty impressed that they are doing their best to solve the problem. After having read the review of this drive at I was quite impressed. So two rights make a right. GREAT drive. Quiet…fast…by the way…as opposed to the PX-716A which runs in UDMA 4…the 740A runs in UDMA 2. Flashed the firmware to 1.01 immediately out of the box…here are two burns. First burn is Verbatim 16X DVD-R (MMC 03RG20) and second burn is Verbatim DVD+R 16X (MMC 004)

Had to use the Benq tool to set bitsetting…no biggie…now DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD+R DL are all booktype DVD-ROM

All in all…first impression…WOW! Plextor made an excellent choice going with Benq…


How about the quality test? :slight_smile:

I believe the BenQ1620A runs in UDMA2…

Yes, I would be interested in seeing a quality test of those burns, also. :iagree:

I just got my 740A up and running. I will 2nd that it is a fast reader, and nice and quiet. I wasn’t thrilled with a “rebadge,” but I think Plextor chose a good one.

I can’t post quality tests until I get my PX-716A back from Plextor…long story…bad replacement for a drive that died after 5 months. I’ll post sometime next week, hopefully


You could always temporarily flash the 740A into a 1640 to do quality tests, unless the warranty is a big concern.

hi Bob,
can you tell me how to use this Benq tool to change my booktype? i have a 740a as well, but dont know much about this, thanks

Go here:

The Book Type manager is for the 1620 but works on all Benq drives.

Download the book type manager. It is in a zip file. Simply unzip to a folder or your desktop and double click. Choose the Plextor drive and click CHECK DRIVE. There will be three tabs to modify the settings. Make sure to click on set to DVD-ROM for each setting youi want. That will do it.


thanks Bob!