Plextor px 740a crossflashed at benq dw1640 help!

I crossflashed my plextor px-740a to benq dw1640 and now i cant burn Cmc. mag. ae1. dvd-r 8x philips brand at 8x. I can select 8x in nero but the burning speed is only 4x. I had tried many firmwares and flashed in with bqflasher and windwflash and the result is the same.
Can someone help me? :sad:

Hi :slight_smile:
Are you using SolidBurn enabled for known. If so disable it, if you’re not then enable SolidBurn & OverSpeed as well. To do this you’ll need, if you haven’t already got it.
QSuite 2.1 & Manual.

I have not enabled solid burn for known media, and im not using over speed. When the drive was with plextor firmware i could burn the discs at 8x.

what benq firmware did you flash to?

after loading BSLB and BSMB into media code speed edit I can see that the discs you are using ARE supported at 8x by the firmware…maybe if you’re using an earlier firmware, they were not yet supported?

I flashed it with BSOB and that is the newest firmware for benq 1640.
I crossflashed back to plextor px-740a and the burn speed of the discs is again 4x.
I can chose 8x in Nero but no mather what i do the speed is still 4x. I have tried enableing Solid burn for known media and over speed but nothing has changed. For now i am stucked at 4x, which sucks. :sad: :a :sad:

Post the result of the Nero CD-DVD Speed burst transfer test, you need a disk with some data in the drive to run the test. It should display about 23 MB/sec.
Check the DMA settings of your source and target drive.

I found a solution for my problem. I have uninstalled all my optical drives from the Device Manager and after a restart i can burn with the Benq at 8x. I hope that it will stay like that. :slight_smile:
I have checked the dma settings before and they were UDMA2.

Thanks to everyone for helping me.

Hi :slight_smile:
mickeymkd :clap:
Glad you got there. :smiley: Sorry that I lost :doh: where this thread was & haven’t responded earlier.

Dont worry zebadee, but the uninstall of the benq in the device manager didnt helped me because on the second restart everything went back as it was at 4x.

Any other suggestions on what i should do? :confused:

" I had tried many firmwares and flashed in with bqflasher and windwflash and the result is the same "

What was the reason for the firmware flash in the first place? If it wasn’t broke what were you fixing?

I was trying to get the best results with my dvd’s.
Thats why i was trying diferent firmwares.
And after a lot of try and fail i found that the problem was in the ata nforce controllers which i have uninstalled and installed the generic microsoft ata controllers and eveything was ok after that. I can burn now at 16x.

how do you do that… because i think i have the same problem you do…

i just rot some new ritek 16x’s and its taking over 55min to burn…
ive tried flashing back to the old BSMB and its just not helping…

Instructions on how to remove a Nvidia IDE driver are in the F.A.Q. thread of the Plextor forum.

na that really did not help at all… :sad:

i went back to the old Plex Firm and then updated to 1.02 and it still burns like crap in Nero and in CloneDVD2 (In the latter it just Sticks at 4% and does not go anywhere…)

i think its time to give the old plex RMA folks a call :sad:

Unless anyone has a fix they think might work… :frowning:

Have you tried burning with DVD DECRYPTER or IMG BURN? Create a ISO image then try using those programs. The creator of DVD DECRYPTER also developed IMG BURN which is just a stripped down version of DECRYPTER, it only does burning.

How are you crossflashing the PLEXTOR 740? In windows mode? safe mode? I’ve never used the BQFLASHER since I have the WINDWFLASHER program. I’ve always flashed my BENQ drives in safe mode. You could try flashing the drive back to BSLB then to BSMB.

yeah with Decrypt it gets stuck or takes forever to burn… just like Nero and CloneDVD2

i was crossflashing in just regular windows mode… and i too use WINDxxx to flash my stuff over to the BenQ theni have been using the BenQ relase .exe flash files.

this drive used to fly… and now im really dissappointed… this is the second Plex to go haywire on me… my 716 stopped aswell…

I will give the drive one more run-through by flashing in safe mode