Plextor PX-740A Conversion



Hi guys
anyone know how to convert a BenQ DW1640P to a Plextor PX-740A with firmware? i must say ive got a DW1640P manufactured in China July2005 seems to work well but im really disappointed its only ATA33 instead of ATA66


Flashing your drive to a Plextor 740 will not change the drive from UDMA2/ATA33 to UDMA4/ATA66, In fact you will have a very basic FW with no Overspeed, Qsuite functions or scanning ability. You can download the Plextor 740 CVT 1.01 fw and WinDWFlash (use forum search for both)to flash your drive to the Px740A if you still feel so inclined. There is an interesting thread going onherethat may interest you.:slight_smile:


thx man