Plextor PX-740A burning Verbatim DL at 4X

According to CD/DVD Speed and DVD Identifier…the disk is supposed to burn at 8X…only 4X…any thoughts. Firmware 1.01 Tried an iso burn with DVD Deccrypter and also did a total file burn of an 8.2GB movie with Nero
Drive is UDMA 2…master on IDE 2 with no other drive on the IDE…WinXP Professional



I don`t think it would produce any good results with 8x burning on a 2,4x media!

Could you elaborate a bit more? Did the drive/program not offer 8x for writing speed or could you select 8x and the drive burned 4x despite that?

Nero Infotool says it can burn at 8X. DVD Identifier says the disk can burn at 8X…and when I do the actual burn…Nero gives me the option for 8X, which I choose. In the burn window…it says burning at 8X…I have Nero set up so it can give me the actual speed burn…and it locks in at 4X and stays that way for the entire burn…22+ minutes worth. Here is Nero Info Tool


Maybe you it did burn really at 8X?

I now my 716 can burn them at 6X, with lucky with a POE under 20… :iagree:

Check the time it take the Burn and the size of the file…

Someone can help here?


Hmmm. C0deKing Burned these two at 8x with the 1640 so it may be the Firmware or maybe try a different burning software like Img Tool. (Guessing)

OK…had a thought. When I first got the drive…I flashed the firmware to 1.01 and it took quite awhile. So I went to Plextor and downloaded 1.01 again and reflashed. This time…we’re talking a matter of seconds to update the firmware. Rebooted…did a 16X burn and the drive did it in 6:00 flat. So I figured…let me try the 8X DL +R burn again…this time…under 15 minutes for an 8.2 GB burn. I know have a full featured backup of the Incrredibles…to let my son watch.


bobmitch, thank’s great.

With my PX-716UF I burned a just under 8GB feature in approximately 18 minutes at 6x right out of the gate.

I used these: Verbatim Discs .

They are the only discs available locally to me from the local Wal-Mart. They are now $20US for 3, down from $30 for 3 a few months before. No DVD-R DL seen here yet.

Just FYI to all. Happy burning.