Plextor PX-720A



Since we know Plextor employee’s read here, what specs would you like to see with this drive?

DVD±R 16x
CD-R 52x
CD-RW 32x
CD 52x


Better support for RW media, shorter disc recognition times, BlindWrite support :bigsmile:

I don’t mind the speed - It’s good enough for me atm, but any quality increases they can put in are welcome too! :slight_smile:


[li]CD-RW 32x[/li][li]DVD+RW bitsetting to DVD-ROM[/li][li]DVD+/-R(W) 16x Reading[/li][li]Write all media incredibly stupendously well :bigsmile: [/li][/ul]


Id like to see mount rainier added backin to plextor drives, the 716a had it in fw 1.00 an none after. If they do a 720a id like to see that added backin and I too would like to see dvd-ram added it’s a very misunderstood format.


I’m looking forward a new FW for 716A to support all these features rather than any new drives. :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


16x +/-R/RW reading speed would be wonderful :iagree:


I don’t think the name will be PX-720A as it may confuse the buyer to believe that 20x burning/reading is possible. How about PX-716XE or PX-816A ?

Maybe we will get lightscribe, slot-in (again) and smaller physical size?


Don’t start to push Plextor… you don’t want another desaster like TLA#0000 of the PX716 series, right?

  • slot in
  • excellent writing for CDs
  • bitsetting

can i say rpc1??


I`d like to see better burns at 16x…still have some issues at 16x at final part of the burn… :frowning:

DL at 8x…

More Overspeed for some good media, like -R…

Good suport of Firmwares…


Well, it would be nice if it was able to get me the morning paper, prepare breakfast and feed my cats. Yep, and play with them in the evening while I’m busy waiting for another disc to be recognised. :iagree:




Agree with Mordorr! Fix the problems with higher burns speeds and make Power Record less sensitive! Plextools XL included.


I would still like to see mount rainier added back to fw as well as dvdram read and write


Plex-Corp actually develop their drives with such a long disc recognition time, so you’re able to socialise with your pets, family or whatever, while the disc gets recognized.
You really shouldn’t be unthankful, urvieh. :smiley:


Oh, I’m not :-). In fact they love Plex drives :-). I wouldn’t buy another brand because of the trouble that would be waiting for me at home. These are real PlexCats ©.


Power Record less sensitive is a very good choice!


16x SpeedRead for ALL media is a must, and should be implemented starting with 716a new FW (1.05?).

BenQ 162x owners are dancing with the new tool that removed rip-lock and now the drive can read 16x even on DLs and RWs. :a :bow:


I personally like it that PowerRec kicks in early. I expect quality from a plextor drive. Not necessarily speed. Quality is my major concern. If you simply want speed, go for a LiteOn :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry but LiteOn for speed? How fast can a LiteOn burn?