PLEXTOR PX-716UF Won't READ the discs it BURNS

Reading the other intelligent threads motivated me to ask anyone out there for help with this problem. I think I’m reaching the end.

After reading the wondeful reviews on, I purchased the NEW Plextor PX-716UF. Here it is: v=glance&s=electronics&n=507846

I also purchased 100 Verbatim DVD+R discs. Here it is:

I have burned about 10 discs…and NONE can be read by the Plextor.

I have updated to the lastest firmware version: 1.08. Here it is:

I have disconnected everything else from the USB drives, except the Plextor.

I use the 8X discs, burn them at 8X speed or even 4x.

I use the Roxio software, add about 500MB to my project and click on “Burn.”

It starts to prepare the project - it burns the project and about 30min later, it ejects the discs and says the project is 100% complete.

I put the disc back again, and it can’t read it.

I click on “My computer” and click the “E” drive and hit properties, and it shows nothing.


What is interesting - is that before Roxio hits the 100% mark, the disc ejects.
Meaning - I don’t believe any formating is completed, before the disc comes out.

All I want to do is save my data - no video - just 3GB of data on 1 disc.

Has anyone out there encounter a problem like this?

Has anyone used the DRAG-A-DISC or whatever it is called? I used it once - it takes forever. And it doesn’t seem to work.

How can all these discs be bad? I doubt it.

BTW - I did the self-test. The disc never ejected. It went through different colors, and after 5min or so, became quite and flashed amber 3 times.

If this is a bad drive, I’ll send it back, and write a NASTY but polite review or
two on to warn the other poor non-techies out there.

Any help would be appreciated.

There is definitely something wrong since 30 minutes for just writing 500MB of data is far too much. Are you sure your drive is attached to a USB 2.0 interface? If possible, try to connect the PX-716UF via FireWire or to another computer to rule out any problems with your USB interface. The self-test failing is not a good sign but you could try to use Nero CD-DVD Speed and do a Write Speed Transfer Rate test (insert a blank disc in the drive and hit the F2 button on your keyboard). This will show you how fast the Plextor is writing the disc. After the test is complete save the results and upload the image to this thread so we can take a look. Another thing you should try is if the discs that the Plextor wrote can be read in other drives. Also check if there was actually anything written to the disc (look at the writing surface of the DVDR disc and see if you see a darker inner ring, this is the area that was written). Good luck and let us know what you find out!

Also Make sure you have the disc in the drive when you start the burn process. I have so many problems with Roxio or Nero Burning at 2x even if they say they are burning a higher speed if I put the disc in when it requests it. Do you have anything else installed like Alchohol or Anydvd. AnyDVD when running keeps my computer from detecting almost any burned discs and even some pressed discs.

Thank you Topweasel and G@M3FR3@K!

I downloaded the speed program and ran a transfer rate test.

Average Speed: 9.06x
Start: 4.97x
End: 12.80x
Type: P-CAV


Elasped time: 6:37

I looked at the manual - but couldn’t find whether or not the graph looks healthy.

I have burned one disc that seems to have a darker ring on it and YES - the Plextor does read it! It was burned using the drag-disc program. This time, the disc WAS formatted for about 2 minutes, before it was ejected. I think maybe this could be the problem.

Did you do a Read or Write transfer rate test? The graph looks pretty good but it should be a smoother line, the drive is struggling at the higher speeds. Were you doing any tasks while performing the test?

I haven’t had any major issues with my PX-716UF as of yet. I did have graphs like yours early on though. The drive seemed to have difficulty at the highest burn speeds. For me, it was turning off Ad-aware’s AdWatch and a few other things while burning.
Simply start Device Manager [CTRL][ATL][DELETE] and click the Processes tab. Click the CPU header until System Idle Process … 99 is at the top. This reorders the processes list so that those with more CPU usage move to the top.
Now try the drive again. Monitor Device Manager to see what process(es) are popping up to the top while testing the drive. If you see anything constantly jumping up to the top that isn’t a SYSTEM process or anything you have direct control over, try disabling it/them and testing the drive again.
Good luck.

I think I’m probably going to send this thing back.

I have burned 20+ DVD and it seems NOT 1 can be read by the Plextor.

Again - I’ve turned the screensaver off, I’m not working on any other tasks.
The plextor burns the material…I can see the disc and see the difference in color.

But after it is done burning, and I chose to eject it, and put it back in - it trys to read it - only to flash 2 amber lights after 2 minutes.

Is anyone out there using the Roxio software to burn data? Please lists the exact steps you are taking. Are you formating the disc? The software never asks me to format anything - it just starts burning.

If there anyone out there that knows any other DVD-burner drives, or good software - please do share.

I’m not interested in copy video, just data. It would be nice to try to fit 6 CD-R on 1 DVD - that’s why I got this thing…

Formatting is not needed for DVD-R and DVD+R media (write once media). Formatting is only needed when you want to burn a RW disc, a disc that can be written multiple times. If you want to try some other software for data burns I can suggest Nero 6. This application is very popular and Plextor drives, here in Europe, are shipped with the Nero software.

VictorF did you try to connect the drive to another computer and burning with another application like Nero? I suspect there is a software conflict that is causing the bad burns. Let us know.

Thank you everyone for your help! Esp. G@M3FR3@K!

Unfortunately - I am not a techie - so I have given up!

Just today - I used Roxio again - I DON’T have NERO - and tried to burn another DVD.

I used the Drag-A-Disc feature. I burned 1 file that was about 600MB. Then I added another file that was about 700MB - and in the middle the drive gave me a system error - something like - the disc is protected - please insert new disc. Something is wrong here. It stopped recognizing the disc it was burning!

I clicked on the drive properties - and ZERO - no info about the disc!

I didn’t try connecting it to another computer - because I only have one.

I have put it back in the box and it’s off back to

If there are any suggestions out there about other drives that won’t create all these problems - I’d appreciate any honest recommendations. And speed is NOT a factor. This plextor took about 55min to burn the 600MB. I just want a drive that is dependable. That’s all.



Did you check your DMA settings? If you’re running in PIO mode then that could cause it. Otherwise it sounds like you might have a software conflict.

VictorF I think you’re trying to do something that is not standard DVD burning. I think you are (were) trying to burn multi-session or packet mode discs which, I personally, don’t recommend because it’s often buggy (and you get the exact errors as you mentioned: the disc is protected, please insert a new disc).

If you want to burn a proper DVDR disc make a compilation of any size, burn the disc, and close/finalize it (meaning that no other data can afterwards be written to the disc). If you make a disc which is “open” then you’re bound to encounter problems, especially when using software that doesn’t work well with multi-session disc. It’s too bad you already returned the drive because you can download a free trial version of Nero via

In conclusion I think your Plextor was not the problem here but the software and they way you were burning your discs. If you want to burn files smaller than 700MB you could just as well burn CD-R discs. If you want to add multiple files of 700MB then a DVDR disc would have been an option but it would have been best to make one compilation of all the files you want to burn, not add one file and then later another.