Plextor PX-716UF humms loud at Power-up and does not recognize any media

Plextor PX-716UF humms real loud at Power-up but eventually quiets. Does not recognize any media.

I have updated the Firmware.
I also removed and re-added the device to my machine.
I have also popped the top and cleaned the lens with alcohol.


I’d love to repair if I can, otherwise I’ll visit the threads for buying new ones… :doh:


Do you mean it hums before you put in a disc? That should be the fan in the enclosure (which could be worn or dirty).

About the media recognition, is this with both CD and DVD? You’ll need to run the Plextor self-test with approved media, as described in the manual or on their website. There’s little you can do if it fails, unless you want to start fiddling with the laser power calibration (hit & miss).

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