Plextor PX-716SA Stopped reading & writing

I bought this Plextor DVD drive back in March of 2005, it has a mfr date of Feb 2005. It slowly started not recognizing media and giving write errors to not recognizing any media at all, including Plextor recommended media.
I just ran the self test and it failed with two green blinks at the end of the test. I’ll bet I haven’t burned 50 disks with this drive.

This isn’t my first bad experience with Plextor though because I had a PX 12/10/32A CD-RW drive and like the 716 it didn’t last but less than two years with very light use.

I am going to purchase a replacement for the Plextor but it is not going to be Plextor. I’m just going to buy a Lite-On drive that is 1/3 the cost of the Plextors. Maybe I’ll get what I’m paying for due to the low cost but after paying a premium for the Plextor name and getting burned twice I figure I could buy 3 of these and still come out ahead.

As a Systems Analyst for a major University I approve or disapprove of hardware on our standard systems contracts and I can guarantee you we’ll not be approving Plextor in any of our configurations.

I am very disappointed but no longer surprised now that I have “googled” plextor failures and found that it is more prevelant than I thought.

In my opinion Plextor no longer has the right to be charging premium prices for such poor products.

Fred Dunn :a

Sorry to hear of your problems.

Just to keep it fair: Come back here and continue this thread when your Lite-On breaks …