Plextor PX-716SA chapter mark glitches

I’m getting a couple of issues backing up movies with the Plextor PX-716SA using DL+R, Verbatim and Ridata, 2x and 4x speed burns. Single layer media works great…no problem at all. Using DVDShrink 3.2 and Nero 6603

  1. The movies play ok but glitch slightly when crossing chapter marks.

  2. The movies can only be fast forwarded at 2x speed during playback and can’t reverse play at all.

This behavior shows up on all 3 of my set-top DVD players.

I’m wondering if this is a Plextor problem or if it appears with other DL drives as well. Got my fingers crossed that a future firmware update will fix this. Anybody else notice this?

Later, Conrad

Burners have nothing to do with data issues on the disc. They won’t recognize “chapter points”, motion menus, etc.
My bet is Nero. Even the latest is not famous of being king of DL burning. Try Copy2DVD if you burn from file mode or DVD Decrypter if from ISO.


Thanks I’ll give those a shot.

Later, Conrad

Or Try CloneDvd + Any Dvd. I did burn more than 20 DL with no problems…

Or is it your DVD reader? Sony??

I just burned a ~54 minute single layer single title (with no menus) DVD video with 27 chapter points (manually added to the movie using Nero) with NeroVision Express v3.1.0.0. Approx 1 second after jumping to any selected chapter, I get a slight pause (I’m talking in the millisecond range) in the fluidity of the video…audio seems fine. Just an FYI.

Thanks for the tips guys,

DVD reader is Plextor 708a on IDE 0, Master, no other pata drives.
K8N NEO2 Platinum mobo
2 - WD Raptor 740GD sata hard drives
Recording to Plextor 716sa

Already using AnyDVD its a nice little program, and I’ve got several others now to try.
DVD Decrypter
Downloaded the trial version of CopyToDVD

Its going to take time reading how to manuals and money. These DL disks get expensive when you are just experimenting. Hopefully in the next day or two I’ll know if taking Nero out of the process does the trick.

Later, Conrad

Be sure to let us know your experiences ConradS. Welcome to the forums!

Using DVDShrink, Copy2DVD and AnyDVD.

I’ve only had time to burn one backup to DL media, movie only, but it came out great. No chapter glitches and it will ff & reverse play no problems.

I installed Copy2DVD and was pleasantly suprised to see in the DVDShrink “Target Device” dialog box under “Select backup target” it gave the option…“ISO Image File and burn with Copy2DVD”.

In Copy2DVD “Settings” - “Writing Devices” tab - I unchecked “Prompt” and made sure the Plextor 716SA was selected.

The encode @ 8x and burn @ 4x proceeded uninterupted and finished with no intervention. The whole process took about 40 minutes.

It was nice getting it perfect on the first try especially after getting only marginal success with Nero every time. I’ll try to give more feedback but it may be several days before I get a day off…March Madness…basketball…making me work long hours and taking away my days off …you know how it goes.

Later, Conrad

Well not quite as perfect as I thought.
Backup of Harry Potter atPoA.
Plays good on computer and 2 DVRs…
Toshiba RDXS32 (-R, -RW, RAM)
Zenith XBR413 (+R, +RW)
…but it starts skipping about 40 minutes into the movie on a cheapie DVD player APEX AD-1110W which usually plays just about anything.

Guess I’ll have to take the disk to a friends house and check it out on different players.

Later, Conrad

And also, you could make a test with the Plextools, PIE/POE SUM8 and SUM1…

Maybe is in fact your DVDPlayer and not the Plextor…

Good Luck!

It looks like we have a winner.
CloneDVD2 + AnyDVD
Verbatim DL+R
Backup of Earthsea…(3 hour movie)

Plays good on all 3 DVD players including the cheapie APEX.

Also plays good on both drives in my old computer with…
Samsung DVD-Rom SD-616 (F004 firmware)
Sony DRU-530A (2.1g firmware)

Later, Conrad

PX-716SA still not found in South Korea. :sad:

Finally got around to figuring out PIE/POE SUM8 and SUM1 scans.

Burn: DVDShrink/Nero - 2.4x
Media: Verbatim & Ridata similar results.
Symptoms: Glitches on chapter marks, no FF or reverse play.

Burn: DVDShrink ISO/Copy2DVD - 4x
Media: Ridata
Symptoms: Plays good on DVRs but skips in Apex player

Burn: CloneDVD - max burn speed
Media: Verbatim
Plays good in all 3 DVRs and DVD players