Plextor PX-716AL released



Apparently the only difference from the “standard model” is the slot loading mechanism:

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Whops, just found that it was in yesterday’s news.

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This thread can be used to discuss this “new” drive :wink: Here’s a better image I received in my e-mail:


Nice one! :stuck_out_tongue:



Ok, now I really have to get one of these. I had some dvd roms from pioneer with slot in and it is so much easiear and faster to use.

For what its worth, this new 116XX burners from Plextor are really fast readers and I need one fast drive to rip dvd videos with double layer (something where my Necs and my Benq don’t perform that well)

Thanks Plextor!

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FIY, the Aopen 1648 AAP/AAP PRO DVD-ROM drive is great at doing that… :slight_smile:




If I’d only waited a little longer… looks sadly at his 716A

Mm, thats a point, does this thing have support for 8cm CDs? If not, sod it…


I doubt it but you can always buy an 8cm to 12cm adapter.



Yes, they said it supports both 8cm and 12cm imo it looks butt ugly


I doubt it’ll support those weird credit-card discs (for those of you looking for an excuse why the tray model is better…)


I want PX-716SUFL.


What is this suppose to mean: " The PX-716AL provides a longer life span and increased durability, as there is no risk of a tray being broken. "
But if you look on the specs it has same MTBF and less than half of the load/eject cycles. Ok you can’t break the tray and that is good for kiosk-use but in this scenario you will also have many loading cycles.

MTBF 60.000 POH
Disc Loading Eject 20.000 times

MTBF 60.000 POH
Tray Loading Eject 50.000 times


gd looking drive. i just sold my plex 716a :bigsmile:


That’s marketing talk :slight_smile:


Yeah, an external version would be so cool! :cool:


That’ll come in handy when I need to burn DVDs in the car…


Here is a much better picture:


ooohhh that drive looks really cool…i think i’ll be buying that one instead… :bigsmile: glad i waited… :stuck_out_tongue:


This is really a nice drive.
But remembering my old Pioneer DVD-106S I also think of the annoying sound of the drive.
I wonder if Plextor managed to keep the drive silent.
Does anybody know something about this?



I didn’t saw any speeds overhere, but the PX-716AL will burn DVD±R DL at 6x.

Edit: I just saw the speeds where posted in the first link posted and are different from mine, but I found it here