Plextor PX-716A with DVD+RW media



I’ve been testing my Plextor PX-716A (TLA0203 with v1.04 firmware) with various recommended DVD+RW media. With several FujiFilm 4x Ricoh DVD+RW media (I bought a 15pack) the first use typically gets reasonable PIE/PIF scan max values (50/4), but with many of them after erasing and reburning the values go up significantly (190/9) and it was bad enough that a DVD-Video I burned got pixelation errors on a standalone DVD player because of it. However with older 2.4x Ricoh DVD+RW media the PIE/PIF scan max values are very low (12/3) even after repeated erase/burn cycles. Is this a problem with the Plextor or with 4x DVD+RW media in general? Has anyone else done detailed testing of 4x DVD+RW media with the Plextor drives and found any particular media that maintains reasonable low error scans after repeated use? How about other manufacturer’s drives - are they able to burn 4x DVD+RW at higher quality?


Are you using the latest 1.04? There is an upgrade to 1.04 with some bug fixes. February time stamp. Are you doing a quick erase or full erase? Try quick erase after updating. If doing quick erase don’t work, try full erase.


I tested with both 1.04 and 1.04u firmware, no difference. I have used both full erase and quick erase with similar results. Most of the 4x Ricoh DVD+RW media I’ve tested after reuse gets too high PIE/PIF scan max values while 2.4x media stays low. Has anyone done similar testing on other brands of 4x DVD+RW media? Are any others better in this area? Or is it the Plextor drive needing improvement in the firmware for 4x DVD+RW media in general?


I haven’t had any trouble with the Fuji 4X DVD+RW (RICOH made bought from Best Buy in 5-pack) on my TLA #0304 drive so far. I am getting good PIE/PIF scans so far with this media on the Plextor drive.


Have you tried several erase/burn cycles and rescanned all of them? On mine most were good the first time, but later the PIE went up to 100-200 range and PIF to 5-9 range.


The first disc that I have has gone through many cycles and was originally written by my LG DVD burner (2-3 times), and now I’ve gone through 1 cycle with my TLA #0203 716SA drive (to be RMA’d to Newegg), and now 2 cycles with the new TLA #0304 716SA drive. Below are the results of my latest cycle. I’d say this disc has gone through about 5-6 cycles so far.


What about PIF results?


The PIF when I tested it with Kprobe is quite low–can you measure PIF using Plextools Pro? Unfortunately, I have not analysed the PIF of this Fuji 4X DVD+RW media after I started burning it with my Plextor 716SA burners. I have a Kprobe scan that lists PIF–but this reflects a burn that was done by my LG DVD burner. Here is that Kprobe scan:


You can scan for PIF in PlexTools Pro by selecting Sum1 Test in the Q-scan PI/PO Test.


Here is a SUM 1 Test for the above disc’s latest burn. I will cycle it through again and report the results of my 3rd cycle on this Plextor drive (had been used before on other drives, like I said).


Yes - see you got above the 4 line. So your DVD+RWs are getting worse after writing to them more than once as well. I’ve found that some older Ricoh 2.4X DVD+RW discs however do not go above PIE=15 and PIF=3 after far more rewrites! Is there no 4x DVD+RW media that peforms as well?


Yes, I have been noticing that quality is slipping slightly with each new cycle. However, I haven’t seen PIE go extremely high like you describe. I have a feeling that you must have cycled that FUJI 4X DVD+RW disk a lot more than I have to make it do that. Did your PIE go to the 100 level during the second cycle? I’m at about the 6th cycle with this disk.


No it happened with brand new Fuji 4x DVD+RW media - I’ve only erased/reburned it twice now. Yes PIE max on several of the discs is 170-200 after only two burns. The best disc of the 15pack after reuse has PIE max of 75 and PIF max of 4. But my old Ricoh 2.4x DVD+RW discs (erased and reused probably 20+ times and over a year old) I can burn on the Plextor and get PIE max<=15 and PIF max<=3.


VeryBadBoy: here is the next cycle with the same disk. Overall results: slightly better with this scan. So the batch of media I have (at least this disc) on my TLA #0304 drive seems to be quite stable. This is about the 7th cycle with this media, the third done by this very Plextor drive. Have you tried another batch of Fuji 4X DVD+RW media? One other thing: other than my Best Buy bought Fuji 4X DVD+RW 5-pack, I have a single pack Verbatim 4X DVD-RW disc (made in Singapore) bought from Microcenter. So far it has only been written to twice, and already has slightly higher PIE than the Fuji 4X DVD+RW. So far my drive likes the Fuji 4X DVD+RW a little better than that Verbatim 4X DVD-RW disc. So here is the newest cycle of the Fuji 4X DVD+RW disc: