Plextor PX-716A will not detect DVD+R / DL

I am running XP and have a plextor 716a the 1st time I used it to back-up a movie that needed a dl disk there were no problems. Now it still detects the 4.7 gb disk but will not see the DL. I just updated driver to 1.08 hoping that would help but no luck. The media I’m using is Fuji, I believe the 1st time was fuji as well. I just looked and it is not on the list for recommended media. I know I know look B-4 you buy … hehe … But it didnt even occur to me that it may be an issue.

                              Any suggestions?



Fuji DVD+R DL is manufactured by RICOH and the media code is RICOHJPND00. The quality of this media varies. I would suspect that your Fuji +R DL burn was bad thus the drive can’t read it. The easiest way to check is by doing Read Transfer Rate Test with Plextools. If the graph is smooth than there shouldn’t be a problem reading the disk. A complete test would be running QCheck PI/PO Sum1 and Sum8 test.

Many users agree that Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL (media ID: MKM001) is the safest dual layer media to use for now, and that’s why many dual layer burners can overspeed MKM001, including PX-716A up to 6x.

If the drive cannot read the disc, how can you perform a Read Transfer Test? :stuck_out_tongue: Hehe, I do understand what you’re trying to say though but bstonmike1 let us know if by “will not see the DL” you mean the drive completely fails to recognize the DL media or if it generates a read error message.

Thanx for replies but loox as though I lead you down the wrong track. Am trying to use a blank Fuji +r/ dl to do another movie. This is what is not detected properly. Unfortunately I scanned the disk & printed the original to a label so I cannot see what media was used originally. Now I just put in a blank and it shows up in my computer as a CD not a DVD, and write test in plextools says error reading disk information. And my favorite software suite clone dvd will copy a movie to both an iso image or movie files. But when I attempt to write it asks for media to be put in drive even when the fuji+R/DL is in there.

So you labelled the disk before burning? Interesting… Do you have another blank Fuji +R DL? You can try to mount to your Plextor drive and see if the drive will recognize. Alternatively, you can also try the disk(s) in another drive (your friends?). Let us know how it goes.

hehe, misunderstanding… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope … I labeled the other disk from the 1st DL burn I did a few months ago. But I found the DVD cases and they were verbatims … very odd … and no unfortunately I do not know anyone that has a dvd burner.

Seems drive is no good :sad: :sad: … Finally broke down and called tech support ( i’m a stubborn 1, I’d rather solve problem on my own) and they showed me the self diagnostic procedure for the unit. Results were not good, got an RMA# sending back 2day 8-16-05. Anyone know what usual turn around time is for this?



Thanx 4 all ur input !! :bow: :bow: :bow: