Plextor PX-716a to support VariRec for BlindWrite?

Does anyone know or have this drive and can backup securom and safedisc protections. I am considering purchasing one if so, else I’ll just get the Plextor Premium CD-RW drive.

I dare say it will be the same as the PX-712A…no
See this thread

yet that doesn’t answer the question. Just a lot of nope, no ways. If I could see what settings (in code) BW5Tweaker is using for their “burn with Plex Premium” check box then maybe I could create a profile .ini that has the same switches and what not for the PX-716a. If I am wrong, please give me a detailed explanation. I am a programmer, I will not just go away.

The Plextor Premium is the only drive that can make “real” SecuROM copies.

The way that Blindwrite uses with the Premium to copy these protection, isn’t available for any other drive.

Why? Ask Plextor?