Plextor PX-716A/SW - $82.99

Newegg…final price is after $30 manufacturer mail-in-rebate:

I was just about to post the same deal, that’s a pretty good price for the Plextor, and Newegg is always dependable. Gotta love it. - ImBAD

Yeah buddy! I just bought one myself and I already own the 708A! I could not believe the price difference I paid between the two. I bought the 708A from newegg just two months after they started selling them. I paid just over $225.00 shipped with extra warranty. !! You should have mentioned though that $82.99 is not the listed price but rather the price you’ll pay once you receive your $25.00 rebate. I just got my drive in the mail and actually paid $140.00 shipped but I got a year extra warranty and expidited delivery both of which added to the total. Still, I can not believe how quality DVD burners have dropped in price over this last year. You can’t go wrong with plextor either! The 716A is a 4x Dual Layer Burner, 16x DVD + or - , 48x CD-R/CD-ROM and 16x DVD-ROM FAST as blazes.


umm, i did mention that the price was after rebate ($30)…hence the BOLD ITALICS…