Plextor PX-716A - Recording Speed




I want to burn an image file using PlexTools Professional 2.20.

My recording media is a Maxell DVD-R 1-4x Speed.

So, I go to CD/DVD Copy, in the Source I select the image file, in the Destination ID:0 PX-716A, Recording speed: 4.0 x

VariRec: OFF Silent Mode: OFF

Apparently, I cannot choose any other recording speed, I’d like to write at 2X but this option doesn’t appear in the recording speed box.(Even if I disable PowerRec).

Is there any other way to force 2x speed?

Also, another question related to VariRec.
If I enable VariRec for the same media I get Recording Speed 4.0 only, which is consistent to what just said but my question is about the recording strategy, I have a selection from Default and then a list of strategies that list from1 to 8.
If I click any of them, how do I see the properties applied in, say, strategy 1?

As it is now, I don’t have a clou what’s the difference among all these strategies.

Thank you


The Plextor high speed drives don’t support under 4x speed on DVD-R and DVD+R media. In another thread this was discussed as beiing due to the laser being too powerful for the slowest speeds. However the drive does great quality burns at 4x, so don’t worry!

Go this thread for more information:


If you want to burn slower just for the sake of better quality, I wouldn’t worry too much - Let the 716 pick it’s own speed.

I have some Verbatim 2.4x DL’s but the Plex wanted to burn them at 6x (!!).
I let it anyway, and to my surprise it still had fantastic burns - Not a single error spike over 20!


Great news then! Thank you.

Can anybody reply to my second question?