Plextor PX-716A Read Problems

My Plextor 716A drive has problems reading DVD movies. I can read software discs without a problem but when it comes to movies, forget it. I have the latest firmware installed.

A tech representative at Plextor said it might be a codec that’s interfering with the reading of my discs. I wouldn’t even know where to look for all my codecs and how to go about disabling them. Any ideas?


RadLight Filter Manager 1.4

It’s a little, free tool that let’s you change directshow codec priorities. It doesn’t even need to be installed. It logs the changes, so you can restore everything. Don’t ever lose the info in that log!!! :slight_smile:

I would look at what kind of MPEG2-PS demuxers and of course MPEG2 video and MPEG audio codecs are on the system.

Is your drive’s Region Code set correctly for the discs you want to play? Try with VideoLAN Player.

I will run the program and let you know. My drive region code is set to 1 but I always use AnyDVD so I guess it wouldn’t matter.

Thanks for your responses.

I recall that some time ago AnyDVD was giving me troubles with reading movie discs. I reinstalled it in the latest version and the problems were solved.

Anyway it sounds like a software issue and not drive-related problem.