Plextor PX-716A Question



I decided to buy PX-716A after reading some reviews about it, because it seems great and i’m also delighted with my 2 years old PX-W4824A recorder. But there’s just one little thing that still bothers me - i’d like to know is there any indication that plextor will soon present any new model, or they’re just goin’ to work on upgrading PX-716A with new firmwares?? i ask this because i don’t wont to buy it and then have the old model after only a month or so!
Thank you for any kind of information (advices are also welcomed)!


I don’t think there will be a new model too soon. It wouldn’t make any sense to bring out another faster model without having outsourced this one.


The new firmware already ups the speed of DL to 6x. Which is decent compared to having to buy a new one. Hopefully future updates will bump the +R and -R up a little too.


Bump the +R and -R up to what exactly? The only thing they could possibly do is implement a P-CAV strategy at 16x like the LG GSA-4163B uses…