Plextor PX-716A or SA?

What is the best connectivity mode for PX-716? SATA or IDE?

if i could go back i would of got a sata px-716 and not the ide one i have now

as ever sc00terx

For what reason?

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well right now i am geting bad burns with my PX-16A and no idea why

so i am dooing a Q-check PI/PO test i think some one told me to do to see what up i know it mite be a bad drive and need to be sent back but so far the PX-712SA has given me less bother hmm

but like i put befor it mite be that i have a duff drive or am dooing something rong but i have seen a lot of probs on here about the PX-716A so its what i think about that drive right now :slight_smile:

as ever sc00erx

Horses for courses really.

If you just want the damned thing to work, go for the A.

If you have a SATA mobo and don’t mind fiddling with all the crap that SATA brings with it (Drivers, flash problems etc.), or don’t have any spare IDE sockets, or actually have a 100% working SATA system, then get the SATA version :slight_smile:

Performance between the two is pretty much the same.
Compatibility of the A is a lot better 'tho judging by the SATA problem threads… :frowning:

On a slight tangent: SA-owners, can you use boot CDs and DVDs in the SA, and is it visible in DOS?

Not visible in DOS but you can boot with it just fine. And what flashing problems???

I examined CDFreaks hardware review on the Plex PX-712SA/716SA and I was more impressed with the 712SA. The Plexy PX-712SA defeats literally all audio cd protection, can easily backup Safedisc 3.1 (Prince Of Persia, Call Of Duty). :iagree:

Well I’ve seen quite a few posts about the Flash showing up the wrong version after it’s done. It seems to be a mixture of SATA driver problems and some bug in the recent firmware patcher proggy 'tho so hopefully will go away :slight_smile:

The 716SA showing up as 716A is what we like to call a “cosmetic” problem. No effect on performance.

In support of SATA…

No ribbon cables thus improving case airflow.

Theoretically slightly faster transfer speeds. ( I don’t have or want a 716A to test against.)

No Master/slave setting or devices on the same controller to screw things up.

I would check the motherboard compatibility thread first then if yours checks out…go for the 716SA.

Later, Conrad