Plextor PX-716A/JP mini review at Watch Impress

Enjoy :wink:

Thanks for the info Sen :slight_smile:

Quite useless translation :sad:

The style where on the one hand, as for me examination is written was enjoyed very. That when Gamefreak adopts the style for the wrtiting all future CD Freaks reviews, great would be!


That is why I tell South Koreans to learn English instead of reading translated materials.

But when I post something in the English language without translation into Korean in a Korean-language site, I’m spammed and threatened, not to mention being labeled as someone who sells one’s own country.

And when I post something in Japanese without translation, I don’t have to face that kind of verbal abuses, but still there are complaints and protests.

So I’m helpless and can only shut up letting others do the translation or find something that suits their needs better.

Not every language in the world is European or successor of Greek and Latin, so you have to accept it that most languages used in this world are not translatable into English or French or German or Italian.

Here’s the original link anyway. (Any translation of Japanse, Chinese, and Korean into a Western language is ugly to me even though I myself translate professionally.)

Not DVD-related but Seagate introduced 7200.8 using 133GB platter. TB HDD coming.