PLEXTOR PX-716A Hot! Hot! Review



Here is a site that has a pretty good review of the Plextor PX-716A!? Hope it helps you as it did me! Enjoy :bigsmile: :wink:


Babelfish is great … I especially like this media description:

(Solar induced electricity make 8 time fast corresponding media)

Could be some Sunstar 8x, I guess … :bigsmile:


lol you call it a review…??


hope over to YSS


Firmware 03DE??? So there’s hardware revision 3?? Interesting…

Anybody knows what is this (the title)?

The write test graph looks promising, no jump at 4gb from 14x to 16x.


As far as i know the 03DE is a pre-release firmware


Oh I forgot, that’s firmware not TLA.


Does this mean there’s a v 1.03 to due soon? Oh boy, maybe harware revision 3 is coming out before christmas… :smiley:


Well the review done by Impress is from November…
So this review was done with a pre-release drive…(official release date of the drive was the 11th of December over here in Japan)


It seems that the CAV burn reached 16X the same way as the Nec 3500 does. So unlike the way it used to do it before. Must be a complete new firmware…