Plextor PX-716a firmware 1.02

Firmware px-716-1.02 can be found on the chinese site at .

Thanks for the info lipper. Note for PX-716A users though: although this version seems to originate from Plextor, install at your own risk!

Thanks lipper.

And this is a direct link to the firmware:

How did they get it? Seems kinda weird because alot of the other firmware on there is a bit out dated. Has anyone tried it?

I Already Posted This in the Firmware 1.01 Forum,but thought I’d Post it here where it belongs. For The People That Live In the USA,I just returned from my Local Best Buy in Fort Lauderdale Florida and Traded in my PX-716A Drive,TLA:0101 for TLA 0202. They just got them in Stock Today,Dec.7th,2004. I have not installed the drive yet,but hope to be able to get to it soon. Will try to post some scans as well. At the Very worst,I’ll gain another 30 days…Good Luck To All…;>)

A news related by a french website called “Gravure News” at:

gives a link where you are able to find to the first(?) tests made by a person called Ian

They where made on FUJI branded DVD’s with a “Taiyo Yuden” MID code.
They are only 8X times certified medias and I am not sure about the speed that the new 1.02 firmware allowed for burning them … (have a look at the graphs)

It indicates an improvement but all people are not definitively conviced … so you have to make your own opinion !

If I remember correctly, CDFreaks member AKINA was something like the moderator of CDBest forum… maybe he could give us some more informations… Unfortunately some time has passed from his last post here.


Ian scan on T02 is a lot better, altho his KP scan is not, perhaps 716 still a bad reader?

If I were a cdrlabs member, I would ask him to turn off PowerRec and AutoStrat to see a true 16x burn.

Unfortunately I don’t have 716a to test anymore.

Like I said on the other post… Here’s the direct link at CDrLabs…

I tried the leaked 1.02 fw on my 716 TLA0101 drive making it a TLA:0102 drive

so we can compare I have the link to my test of mcc004 media at 16x on TLA:0101 fw 1.01 for you look at and bellow is the scans of the TLA:0102 fw 1.02

nero speed3.55 create data disk

MID mcc004 16x@16x

AS on
PR on

This is my first try to show a scan,soo show some mercy…This is the TLA:0202 Drive i got Today (12/7/2004). Used TDK 8X+R Media.Auto Strategy and Power Rec ON. Hope this works…

i applied firmware 102 to tla 0101, now i get error in plextools write test simulate.

Yuden T02 8x@16x test on 716 TLA:0101 —> TLA:0102 fw 1.02

plextools write trans test, used for burn

I could well be that if I had left AS on and PR on this would have been good burn.

rayny2e4034, would you mind wasting another media? :bigsmile: I wanted to see the difference between the “true” TLA0202 and “TLA0101+fw1.02”.
Please turn off AutoStrategy and PowerRec and burn again with Plextools, thanks.
Can you also tell us what is the MID for your TDK 8x +R, you can use dvd identifier (free).

Autostrategy is to catalog new unknown media and has no impact, enabled or disabled, on media that is already listed in the firmware. Burns should be made with PR on. If the media is crappy, you’ll get higher errors with PR off. Doesn’t mean diddly about the drive, just that the media has higher errors. if the error rate is still high with PR on, then there is cause for concern.

TLA#0202 with PowerRec off creates tragedies only at least from what I’ve seen. The problems is that I haven’t seen a full 16x result with PowerRec on.

Yuden T02 8x@12x test on 716 TLA:0101 —> TLA:0102 fw 1.02

plextools write trans test, used for burn

AS on
PR on

Thoughts, on scans!

It would seem that as long as you leave AS on and PR on and load 1.02 fw on TLA:0101 making it TLA:0102 pie level are well bellow 280 and seem to show this on both plextools as well as benQ 1620 scans. I would say even without a TLA:0202 drive the fw 1.02 is big boost to burning quality at 12x and 16x, with TLA:0101 release drives.

As per Request, This is the New PX-716A Drive TLA:0202, tested again this time with Auto Strategy OFF and Power Rec OFF. I’m Using TDK 8X+R Media,(bought a spindle of 100 at Comp USA on Sunday for $39.99). DVD Identifier says: Manufacturer Name Tayio Yuden Co.,Ltd. Manufacture ID: YUDEN000,
Media Type ID: T02. This burn looks way worse then my first with AS & PR ON. I am brand new to this,soo any and all help or advice is appreciated…;>)

Bob, I asked to turn off PR because this way it will reach 16x (jump @4gb from 14x to 16x). That’s how the firmware instruct the drive I guess. Otherwise we can’t see a true 16x burn.

Here’s a direct translation of the PX-716A/UF 1.02 firmware release notes, as posted on the Chinese website:

Main improvements:

  • improved DVD recording quality.
  • supports 12X writing on more 8X DVD+R/-R media.
  • improved AUTOSTRATEGY technology.
  • corrected a bug that can occur during DVD+RW writing.