Plextor PX-716A DVD&CD R/RW: suddenly can't burn CD

The DVD read & write functions OK. CD reads OK, but does not write using packaged Roxio Easy Media Creator, and can’t burn using Windows XP…Explorer>File>Send to>drive D.
Tried reinstall/repair Roxio software, without success. Downloaded from Plextor, and got fail code 04-40-f6 w/ unsuccessful install.
I’ll appreciate guidence from the devine masters.
:bow: Thanks
1/25/10 @11:15 AM ET

Its an old drive :wink:

If you want, try unplugging the data and power cable a couple times, their might be some oxidation in there. Another thing to do is remove the drive and clean the lens with a q-tip and isopropyl alcohol, it not hard to do, remove the four screws from the bottom, bend a paper clip stright and insert it into the emergency eject hole in the front of the tray, pop the face plate loose, the drive should come apart enough to see the lens. Wipe it VERY GENTLY.

Thanks for your speedy reply. Please note the drive is new old stock. It’s been sitting on my shelf in the unopened original box for a couple of years. I installed it in a fresh build I did this December. All seemed well until recently. I like to think it’s not a hardware issue, since opticals work fine in DVD mode & read CD mode.
Perplexing Plextor?

You would need Packet Writing software to use such features.

Thanks for the advise. After exhausting many remediation schemes, I decide the hardware has failed. No big deal. What once was a major expense is now affordable. I’ll replace the unit for $30. So much for perplexing Plextor.

Try deleting the upper and lower driver filter’s (instructions in Chef’s signiture). After that try burning a disc with IMGburn (free).