Plextor PX-716A Claim


I’m looking to buy this burner and noted on their web site the following claim:

Achieves 16x write performance with recommended 8x DVD±R media

I was hoping to hear if anyone has actually proven this claim ?


Hear? Maybe see… yes… if you carefull read some threads here you’ll surely find.

SmokerMI. Welcome to CD Freaks. :slight_smile: Yes the Plextor 716A will burn some 8x Rated media at 16x as well as some other brands of 16x writers. Two examples that come to mind are Taiyo Yuden T02 DVD+R 8x and Taiyo Yuden G02 DVD-R 8x. There are more media out there that will do the same just don’t know the Brand names. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Yes, I have burned Fuji 8x at 16x with no problems.

I’ve burned 8x Taiyo Yudens at 16x with no problem, but it only happens on rare occasions because PowerRec determines the maximum speed the disc can be recorded at throughout the entire write process. With 8x Verbatims, 12x is the maximum recording speed.

i also burn 8X TYT02 @ 16X but only when i’m giving the disc to somebody else :wink:

8X is far and away the best speed to burn YUDEN000 T02. 12X is often very good.

Depends on your drive.

This is what happens when I try to burn MCC003 8x media at 12x:

And this is with PowerRec enabled and Autostategy on. The thing that gets me is, the media quality check for Autostrategy says at 12x this media is judged as good and this is the crap burn I get.

Either you have a particularly horrible batch of MCC003, or you are one of the unfortunate ones to buy a problematic 716A.

If it was TY media, I’d say it’s the drive, but I have much MCC003 media that can’t be burned above 8X–by ANY drive…

[edit] Oh–WAIT–Autostrategy and PowerRec was ON!!! It’s the drive. It’s just like my bad drive. Focus and tracking are good, but the laser can’t cycle fast enough to make the burn. Check the TA to verify this (it should look horrible with jitter of about 50%).

Yep, that was with PR and AS on. I’ll do some testing with TA when I get home.

Autostrategy is of no interest when using this media, because Autostrategy simply is not used.

True, but the reason I meantioned Autostrategy in the first place is because the media check function of AS said this media was judged as good at 12x…clearly AS was mistaken.

This is the Beta Jitter test done on the disk that produced the terrible PI/PO scan from above. Can anyone tell me if this is bad or not? I’m not good with interpreting the Beta Jitter scan :confused:

SmokerMi: I didn’t mean to take over your thread :slight_smile: