Plextor PX 716a & CDRWIN - CD+G Problem



Hey folks Im “real new” to the forum.

Im not real good as a techie (real dumb actually)

Im getting the following error while trying to burn CD+G in “bin” format in CDRWIN Version “K”

“Disc Error: ‘START DAO RECORDING’ command failed on 0:0:0 Disc type not supported”

Im running XP Home on a “Elite Group” KT600-A mobo
CPU - 2800+
1 Gig DDR Ram

Funny thing is, I already was able to burn one . Any help would b great. If you need additional info, shout.


I still use CDRWIN… not sure if many people still do, but you may want to take this one up with… I don’t think I have any CD+G discs around and this is Golden Hawks first attempt at supporting this drive… They did release an updated version of the “3.9K” release on 17-FEB-2005… Padus DiscJuggler also supports CD+G discs as an alternative.