Plextor PX-716A-Can it make Securom copies like PX Premium CDRW?

Hi all!
Sorry for this noob question…
As I can’t buy a PX Premium CDRW to make 1:1 copies of SecuRom games using Blindwrite, will the Plextor PX-716A DVD burner do the trick?

Probably it will not do that :frowning:

my PX-716A can burn Securom with Blindwrite (Barbie Games)

what i know about securom (at least the old versions) and blindwrite: blindwrite abuses the gigarec function to reproduce the physical structure or at least the behavior of it(different relative accesstimes of tracks). so all drive with “gigarec” should have the same capabilities, imho.

It doesn’t work, though the question is if the drive can’t do it or if VSO was threatened

what version do you use ?

I don’t know if the PX-716 can make copies of securom protectet discs - but the new PX-755 can!
I made a copy of an securom v7 protectet game, and it works just fine :wink:


The question was a bit misphrased: Emulation doesn’t count. The Plextor Premium can make correct copies of SecuROM 4.8 discs which really work, which don’t require some kind of emulation.

I remember VSO saying it didn’t work because Plextor prevented it from working. Since Plextor Europe is customer friendly, you might want to guess which Plextor departement was that…

Hey Sidewinder
Thanks for that info…did you use any emulation? Have you tested your copy of the Securom v 7 game in another PC which doesn’t have Blindwrite installed? Incidentally, what game did you copy? And what version of Blindwrite did you use?
Given that you were able to make a copy, how did you do the .bwa file? Did you use the BWA builder, or did you use the Alcohol technique and convert to .bwa file?

Apparently, there was a ‘bug’ (Feature! :D) in the Premium which let a program reset the GigaRec settings on the fly during a burn - This is what enabled BlindWrite to tweak the track lengths etc.

In the 716, this ‘bug’ as sadly fixed which is that, while the 716 can do GigaRec, it can’t do track-length alterations because the GigaRec settings is fixed from the start of the burn to the end.

The 716 can still use the Twin Peaks method to successfully copy most things 'tho.

I usedthis guide to made a backup of “Vietcong 2”.
Software was Blindwrite 5.2.16 and Alcohol 1.9.5.
I did not test it on other computers, but I think it is a 1:1 copy :stuck_out_tongue:


there is NO Emu Soft installed i used an old VSO version …497 or so !!

Hey Sidewinder
I am looking for internet resellers for the PX-755… any suggestions?
Dixie <= It has been there for a month already :slight_smile:

I bought mine at for 95 €
they delivered 24 h after release of the PX-755 in Europe.