Plextor PX-716A buffer

when i burn a cd or dvd …the buffer level …goes from 100% to 40% 16% it goes up an down…

ia m runnin on dmA MODE

i have the latest firmware to.

the dvd burn doesnt go past… starts at 4.75 then to 8x the down to 4 then up to 8

It should read “Ultra DMA Mode 4”

The screenshot you provided looks like the IDE channel with a hard disk attached not the 716a. Open the properties of the SECONDARY IDE channel and see what the current transfer mode is.

How long does your 8x burn take? If the drive is in DMA mode it should take ~ 9-10 mins. If the drive is in PIO mode, it will take much, much longer.

8x on a 716A in DMA mode should take 8:30 at the most.

I could bet that the secondary channel runs on PIO. :cool:

Yeah, I’m used to my BenQ which takes a little longer cuz of WOPC.

here u go both.

Well, my Plex runs on DMA 2, and it is sufficient for 16x recordings. What does a FE/TE test say about the empty disc?


wah is that?