Plextor PX-716a and SecuROM....?

Hey guys, just wondering if anybody has found a way to make this DVD writer act like the Plextor Premium when it comes to BlindWrite and backing up SecuROM games. All the features are there, including VariRec now so there shouldn’t be any reason why it can’t work the same way. Is it possible to generate a profile like BW5Tweaker does, only have it recognize the 716a the same way it recognizes the Premium? It seems like only a SMOP to me…

The answer is no. See here.

yeah, but that just says “no they fixed it that way”. Give me details.

Well, I don’t know about you but I for one am prepared to accept the word of one of blindwrite’s co-owners (lapinou) as to what that program can and can’t do.

I know of many occasions where a program’s owners have claimed that their software is capable of doing things that it can’t (not that I’m accusing lapinou of ever doing so, btw) but I can’t recall any occasions where a program’s owners have claimed that their software can’t do something when it can. :wink:

I heard that the features for decent SecuROM backups were discovered by meer chance.

hrmmmm…I guess that would make sense. After all, Plextor doesn’t want the copy protection industy on their butts. If the BW programmers found a loop hole, Plextor might try to cover it up to save their bacon. From what I can tell there must be more stringent rules regarding DVD recorders and what they should and should not do. I assume that is why most DVD recorders will only duplicate CD copy protections and refuse to duplicate the exact same protection schemes when they are used on DVDs.