Plextor PX-716A 40/80-conductor?



I just got this puppy in the mail today and i noticed that it requires a 80-conductor cable. well, i just bought 2 round cables for this same computer about 2-3 months ago and it doesn’t say wheather is a 40 or 80 cable. How do i find out? Is it not going to work, or is it going to perform slowerRRR!

someone out there please! :bow:

btw this is the cable that i own:
COOLMAX Ultra ATA-133 IDE 18" 3H Round Cable Transparent BLUE -RETAIL

thank you folks.


omg just notice this…

30AWG 40*Twisted Pairs, Jacket: PVC

does that mean 40 or 80? pair?


Just what it says…40 pairs = 80 conductors. You need that for UDMA 4. The DM should show UDMA 4 for the controller properties.


ATA-100 and up are 80 cables.

BTW: round cables may be problematic.


in which way because i have always used round cables since it came out. :confused:


Because of signal quality.

There are three main causes for IDE issues: Cables longer than allowed by the specification; round cables (a form not specified) or a combination of both.

If you’re currently not having any issues then don’t worry. But if you ever run into obscure IDE problems (like drives disappearing or being unexplainably stuck in PIO mode), try shorter and/or flat cables. It is the most likely cause.


oh thanks a lot hwp, i never knew about that!


You could also get “CRC ERRORS”,from the round cable’s,or cables being too close to each other!!This is known as “Cross Talk”,High transfer rates will suffer from this!


Really?..i have been having CRC errors after installing the Plextor PX-130A, UDMA5 = ATA100.

I’ve done a fresh install of Windows now, just in case it was an OS error. I am also thinking it maybe either BIOS or the NVIDIA IDE drivers i am using, nForce4 6.53.

What do you think?


Its always best to use default Microsoft IDE drivers for any optical drive in my experience.


My round cables are shielded.


“Shielded” cables are better than “standard” cables,but if too close can suffer from same errors.I use aluminum shielded,gold tipped flat cables.They where supposed to be the “best” when I bought them(9 months)!Helped alot,but still got CRC’s every once and awhile.Read that cables should be at least 1" apart,moved them and all is fine!!I worked on this problem for MANY month’s before figuring out the problem.I have the MSI chipset.I’ve read that the Plextor and Nvidia chipset don’t agree,so we may be talking about two totally different problems!May be worth a shot though!!


holy cow, this is very good to know!
like i said before i never had any issues but my problem is that i have a see-thru-window case and it looks ugly with those standards ide cable. is there any test/diagnostic that will tell me if my round cables are no good? because i have ide1 and 2 cables tied toguether! lol :rolleyes:


Not really any test’s that I know of!If your not having any problems, don’t worry about it!!I posted for info. only!!But,if you have any strange problems,may be something to look at.It’s was a problem I had,if it save’s anyone else the time/effort,good!