Plextor PX-716 DVD-R DL beta firmware available



I just posted the article Plextor PX-716 DVD-R DL beta firmware available.

franz99 used our news submit to tell us that on the Plextor Japan website a beta firmware for the
Plextor PX-716 DVD recorder can be found. This firmware allows users to burn
DVD-R dual…

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Something tells me that it will contain MKM 01RD30. :wink:
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enlighten me what that is Liggy


Considering there is no dvd-r DL disc in the stores this may be hard to test.


Features like VariRec, GigaRec and SecuRec are disabled in this firmware. Please keep this in mind before flashing your drive!!


I found out about a firmware (not the Plextor Beta) that has a mediacode for these discs. I assume it’s DVD-R-DL