Plextor PX-712SA - Problems with New Firmware?

Anyone any problems with it ? Since flashing it, my Plextor won’t write anything at 8x without buffer under-runs constantly … Constantly flashes orange to green, then drive spinds down, then back up again …

Can’t understand why … drive feeding it the data averages 50MB/second so its not that.

Since its a SATA drive - I can’t check in windows settings to see DMA on/off ?

In Plextools, DMA option is completely greyed out … is that correct ?

Thanks for any help,


Very interesting … just re-flashed back to 1.08 firmware …

No buffer-runs at all !


SATA has DMA enabled as part of the spec.

In effect, you can’t turn it off.

Thanks for that Rbmorse.

Any idea why the latest firmware is giving constant buffer under-runs ?


No, but thanks for the heads-up. I always wait for the adverse reports to come in before upgrading [B]anything[/B].

The only thing that I definitely know that has changed with 1.09 is that Ritek R03 can now only be burnt at 8x instead of 12x.

EDIT: No buffer underruns so far.