Plextor PX-712A vs Windows XP



My Plextor PX-712A drive, although connected to an IDE controller, is shown in the Windows XP Professional Device Manager as a SCSI CdRom Device. When I open Properties on this device, there is no Recording Tab in which to set the properties. As a result, I am unable to write to the drive directly from Windows. I have checked the registry and the Drive Type is reflected as a “2” which should indicate a CD Writer, I believe.

I have uninstalled the drive several times and let Windows find it and reinstall the drivers on startup, with the same results.

Although this has always been the case since I originally installed the drive, it has not been a problem until I recently began having problems writing to the drive from Roxio Easy CD Writer. I deinstalled the Roxio program and wanted to write directly from windows with no success. I receive an error message that says, “F:/ is not accessible. Incorrect function”.

Is this normal? If not, what do I need to do to have the drive install correctly.

Thank you for your assistance.


What motherboard are you using? Several of my Plextors show up as SCSI devices due to being connected to add-in IDE or SATA controllers.


I have a Dell 8100 pc with its standard motherboard. However, I am using a Promis Ultra100 Ultra ATA/100 Controller and the drive is connected to one of its ports.

When your drives show up thusly, do they also reflect in Device Manager as a CD ROM vs a CD Writer, without no Writer Tab available under Properties?

Thanks for your response.



They show up as CD-ROM drives, as seen below. I have no Recording tab, but that’s because I have disabled XP’s built in CD writer service.


Thanks a lot Two Degrees. I guess everything is ok on my end, then, because they look just the same as what you showed. I have probably disabled XP’s CD writer service somehow but that is no real big deal. I appreciate the help.