Plextor px-712a vs Pio DVR-108

I’m in the market for a new DVD burner. At first I was adamant on getting the plextor drive since i’ve heard nothing but good thigns about how fast and reliable it is. However coming to this site, I see that alot you ahve been having problems with this drive and was having second thoughts. Since the Pio drive just got released, would it be a better idea to go with this one instead? Or wait it out and see whut comes out? After the 30 buck rebate from the PX-712A is only going to cost about 110 bucks which is a decent price. Which is the wiser choice or would I be better off with a NEC 3500? SHould i take my chances with the plextor and hope future firmware upgrades will solve all the problems or go for the pioneer instead? THanks for tha help guys

You’ll always find ppl that have trouble with product X, that’s how it is.
I have very good experience with Plextor (owning a PX-708a myself) and PX-712A is a very nice one. Sure, DL would be nice although it’ll probably still take a while until DL media is resonably priced. By then you can probably find faster/better DL burners than the current ones.