Plextor PX-712A VS. bad DVD-+W media?



I plane to buy a PX-712A, and i am intrested in how this dvd-r work with no-name dvd-r like Princo, Alfa Vision and some like that ?
I have needs to use lot of that cheap media, and my NEC work fine with them, but i read somwher that plex dont work good with it, and that plex only work with good media.Can you give me more information about all of that.

And how plex do with bad media in reading mode, i meand with media wich some of dvd or cd dont want to read at all.Becose my teac CD read all what i put in it, and NEC allmost all but not all like teac. And i cat tell for DVD becose i didnt have any problme with them on my NEC.


If you want good burns, use good media. The Plextor drives generally speaking, work best with quality media. The Plextor PX-712A works very well though with a lot of lower quality media. You can find a lot of media tests in this thread by OC-Freak. Good luck and welcome to the forum!


ANY driver has problems with bad media.

But PLEXTOR 712A gives very good quality @ some brands of bad media such as Princo.