Plextor PX-712A review @CDRLabs

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Ian at CDRLabs has tested Plextor’s feature-rich 12x DVD±R/RW burner, the PX-712A. Plextor’s latest drive supports 12x/4x DVD+R/RW, 8x/4x DVD-R/RW, 48x/24x CD-R/RW, 48x/16x…

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Yeah, but will it ever be able to do DL. I won’t buy any other drive besides Plextor because of it’s amazing quality, yet Plextor hasn’t announced a DL drive yet :frowning: . Anyone know if/when they will have a DL drive or if a DL firmware update will be made for the PX-712A???

DL, DL, DL, come on, get real… Can’t stand this DL whining any more :r

As always a fantastic product…at a fantastically uncompetitive price! As for DL, what the hell, just get an NEC 2500 and load it with one of Herries firmwares, which are now supporting DL, that’s all you need for now until the technology matures.

I Agree with Gristy and theEye, all you hear is DL, DL, DL at the moment. Get real people, DVDR/RW single layer is still far from being mature. Most DVD drives have problems with certain discs and is still a long way off the reliability and predictability of CDR/RW. I doubt I will bother taking the plunge to DL for at least a year or so. I want reliable, readable and reasonably priced media before I will bother splashing the cash. Marco

I’ve got a one of these coming my way and to be honest if I really want DL ability, i’ll just buy an NEC aswell since they are so darn cheap.