Plextor PX-712A not reading ANY dvd-r's?



Hey all,
I have a problem with this drive and am new
to this forum so maybe someone can help me out.

Just got this drive and am happy with it other than
I am having a problem with blank dvd-r’s.
It wont read somtimes or not at all.
I have tried two different media…
off brand…(dont know what kind it is)
and Fujifilm 8x (somtimes reads and somtimes don’t)
I am running XP pro with all the updates
1gig ram and the Plextor is the the only optical drive. (Master on secondary IDE)
I am using Nero version
When I use DVD+R’s from Target…it works like a champ. (E-Gear)
It also has no problem READING DVD-R’S that have data or anything else on it.
It burns CD’s with out a problem although I have only tried 5 different brands
of blank CD’s but seems to work great.


update…reinstalled Nero, ASPI layers
IDE drivers for my board…KA266+
Plextor does the same thing so I
took it out went downstairs and tried it in a
buddies comp…(freah install of XP with updates and SP2).
Works like a champ and reads/writes all media I throw at it.
Don’t know whats up with that…
Can someone please help me out?

Thanks peeps


Let us know your system specifications first.


Is the drive connected to one of the motherboard’s IDE ports or to an external controller? Do you use nVidia IDE drivers? Try uninstalling those by deleting your primary and secondary IDE controllers from Device Manager, rebooting and letting Windoze re-install the stock M$ drivers.


thought I did zevia
Windows XP Pro SP2
KA266+ motherboard “IWill”
AMD 1.2ghz
1024meg Corsair ram
2 160 gig Seagate drives (both on primary IDE channel)
Plextor is on Secondary IDE channel by itself (Master)
SBLive value
GFFX5200 AGP VID card
Have reinstalled ASPI layer to most recent drivers
Tried letting windows use generic drivers for primary/secondary IDE…(no luck)
Reinstalled ALI IDE controller drivers.
Put the god dam thing back in buddies computer…works like a champ,
and will burn anything I throw at it.
The only thing I have not done is wipe the F&^%ing computer clean
and start with a fresh install.
Any ideas?..
Thanks people