Plextor PX-712a&cdrs



The dvd±r burner Plextor PX-712a have the same technologie to burn cdrs like the plextor 52x32x52x premium ?


Yes, the PX-712A supports VariRec and GigaRec, as well as C1/C2 error scanning.


What Two Degrees said. Plus the write/read speeds are slightly different: the Premium’s max is 52x, the PX-712’s is 48x. Everything else is pretty much the same. I also noticed that the PX-712A handles ripping scratched audio CDs better than the Premium, so there is really no reason to pick the Premium over the PX-712.


the Premium burns CD-RW media with 32x.
px712-a: 48/24/48
premium: 52/32/52


If the Plextor dvd-+r burns all the cds protection like the cdr premium,i only need the dvd-+r 712a for all the job!