Plextor PX 708UF quit recognizing CD-R

Hi, I am new! Hello everyone. My Plextor 708UF for some reason quit recognizing cd-r. When I put a blank in to burn something it always gives message telling me there is no disc and to insert a blank disc. All of a sudden for no reson that I can figure out. It burns and reads DVD with no problems at all. I have updated drivers to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi and welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:
Most probably, the CD-part of your drive is gone… (you know that DVD burners have separate optics for CD and DVD). Insert any bootable CD in the drive and see if you’re able to boot from it (provided you’ve set the correct boot sequence in BIOS). If not, there’s nothing to do. :frowning:
I have a PX-712A in exactly the same conditions as your drive. Luckily, my drive was still within the two-years warranty limit and so I received a brand new PX-755A.



This is most bizarre! For the past three weeks I have tried to burn at least 15 cd’s on various days and the above described problem ocurred every single time prompting me of course to ask for help on cd freaks. I did as you said and tried to boot a game. It booted up perfectly. I then tried a regular audio cd and it worked. I then tried to play a burned cd-r and low and behold it played also. The final test was I tried again to burn music to a cd-r and I’ll be hornswaggled It worked!!! What the heck is/was going on? I am glad that it worked :bigsmile:
but I am curious as to what is going on and why did it decide to start working again especially after I did what you said just to test it. I am not a complete computer ignoramus. I have some knowledge about these things. My friend was an engineer for ATT using computers as his main tool and he couldn’t tell me to do anymore than update the driver which I did and it still didn’t work. :slight_smile:
thanks for the help. Any insights as to what is going on again is greatly appreciated

Hi, sorry for the delay… I forgot this thread. :o

I’m glad that you solved your problem, but I have no idea why it worked. Probably (even if I hope not) it’s an intermittent problem, simply booting from CD can “repair” the drive.

I generally suggest to try with a boot CD because in this way you get rid of any OS and what happens is only related to the drive (and the BIOS, of course).

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