Plextor PX-708A

Hi Everyone??

I’ve had to create another account because after updating my email account, My account has been disabled. I’ve donated to the site and still can’t get help after an email request. go figure???

Anyway the reason I’m posting is I’m in the market for my 1st dvd-burner. I read thur the forums and it’s seems like the, “plextor PX-708A/” -$50mir. Is the best choice out there. Here in California USA it’s about $70us more than the Pioneer A06/106 and about $50 more than the Liteon 811s. I have a Liteon48246s, SSOE fw. I had some trouble with “DOA” until I u/g’d the f/w and seems to work a little better. I’ve had trouble backing up BF1942 & road to rome. Not to mention UT2K3. I 've tried using nero 6, and Alcohol 120% with no luck. Tried Blindwrite5 also. Is the 48246s a lame drive? I doesn’t seem to be as good at backing up games as my 24102b.

I will be using which ever dvd-burner I choose to Create system restore disc and create dvd’s from mpeg’s I download from the internet, (ach-ach)-. I don’t plan on using the best media. It would be nice if it would do copy protected disc, but I guees that’s a bit much to ask.

Thanx to those that reply,
Jeff in LA.
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