Plextor PX-708A

i want to buy Plextor PX-708A (DVD±RW) and it look like a very good drive someone mayby have it and can tell me if he satisfied?

well was not the cheapest driver but it does the thing like it should and the performance of the cd-r at 40 speed did the thing for me. Very good drive with very good warranty If you heve the money go buy it. I had to wait for 3 weeks because they come in small quantities;)

I recently bought the 708A (my first DVD recorder), and it’s been working like a dream. :slight_smile:

I bought it for about $235 from, which has always been good to me.

As has been already said, if you have the money, go for it. You’ll be satisfied. :slight_smile:

The only downside to speak of is that it’s kind of buggy with DVD-R media, which if you keep up on things is probably on it’s way out in the coming years… Nonetheless, Plextor is working hard to increase it’s compatibility with DVD-R media and the 708A.

I hope this helps you somewhat in your purchasing desicion. :wink:


thanks you very help me
i invited it today :slight_smile: