Plextor PX-708A: Securom 4.x?

Hey, I bought on the internet a PX-708A and I hope i receive this drive tomorrow.
I read in another thread that BlindWrite uses VariRec to copy the newest SecuRom with the Plextor Premium.
The PX-708A also supports VariRec. Does that mean that the PX-708A and BW together can handle the newest SecuRom? I hope so! Has anyone the answer to this question?


as far as i know you need Gigarec to copy the securom 4.8x
and the PX-708A does not support this future !



PS: I am not absolutly sure about this cause VSO never
said directly it uses Gigarec to do the job.

Blindwrite + PX-708A + securom version 4.84.69 0071 (GTA vice city) = No success :frowning:

That’s a pity, but now i will use my new Lite-On 52327S to do the job, together with TwinPeak. That’s also a good combination i think :slight_smile:

So, , plex premium tla #0002 continue being the best cd-recorder for now to backup Securom 4.8x and Safedisk 2.90 ; not??

I heard the Plex Premium is not the best fot SD 2.9, because the copies he made cannot be played on much other drives.