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jagg reports us that has taken
a look at the Plextor PX-708A
drive. As most of our readers will know by now this Plextor drive is the
industry’s first drive that supports 8x…

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You want the best & fastest, you gotta pay the most. If 4x drives go for say 150 bucks did you really think the first 8x drive on the market would cost 155 bucks? … On a better note, is this drive made by Plextor or is it rebadged as I’ve not made the jump to DVD burning yet, but I’m sold on Plextor cuz my PLextor 12x CDR is the best drive I’ve ever owned in my life.

It’s a Plex… not a rebadge like the PX-504A.

I’ve seen this drive as low as two hundred dollars on I picked mine up for two hundred and fifty dollars back in September :B SIMPLY THE BEST!!

Apparently there are at least two versions of the drive out there … the one on / CDRLabs are “Made in China” … and the one hardwarezoom reviewed was “Made in Japan”. Personally I would go for the Japan version :g