Plextor PX-708A & Pioneer DVD-106S/2 - Still any Good?

I’m building a new C2D system for my son & am wondering if any of the parts from his current system are worth keeping. He currently has the PX-708A. He does burn a few movies. If the only improvement from it to a current generation model is 8x -> 16x, then I will use it. Have there been other significant improvements that would warrant me replacing it? :doh:

If yes, you recommendations please. :bow:

Oh yeah, & for ripping, he has a Pioneer DVD-106S/2 (slot-load DVD-ROM). Is that ok, or…?


It depends on what you need. 18X/16X/12X burning speed, DVD-RAM, 8X+RW/6X-RW etc. Probably, most important, the ability to recognize 16X rated media. 708A doesn’t cope well with nowadays 16X media.

Oh, you may give Verbatim 16X+R a try. I can confirm that MCC004 is supported on NEC/Liteon/BenQ 8X drives. Not sure Plextor one.

OK, I’ve decided to buy a new burner, but will the PX-708A do good as a ripper?