Plextor Px-708A no longer a 2 Sheeper?



There was talk on another thread about the Plextor no longer being a 2 sheep burner is this true???
Then Really what is a 2 sheep burner if did copy 2.80 safe disc, so EFM was correct but not NOW???If so, is this based on not being able to back safe disc 3.10.20 & up???Has anyone tried to backup a 3.10.20 safe disc with a px-708a, with BlindWrite??? If a New Safe comes around & no burner can copy does that make all burners 2 Sheepers. Gee I’m confused, aren’t YOU??? If this all hogwash & the Px-708a is still a 2 sheep burner then just forget I wrote this whole dam message.


The drive can back-up SafeDisc up to v2.80.010. After this version it gets harder but I can’t base this on personal tests. The latest SafeDisc version I have here is 2.80 and the PX-708A can handle that without a problem. So is it still a 2-sheep burner? Well, not really. It’s more like a 1,5-sheep burner :wink:


Jaydee 123, I’m sorry to be contributing (on a our private chat), to your doubts about the Px-708a. Let me explain: In my opinion a 2 sheep burner will burn any Safedisc 2/3 protected cd successfully without any emulation. A 1:1 copy. This is very hard to achieve, especially with the latest versions, e.g. safedisc 3.15. As I recall it, ‘Red Alert 2’ (SD 2.51) started the “race”: When this game came out it really killed plextors good reputation. Plextor did overcome this protection with their newer drives but almost every time macrovision did release a new version of sd, the plexis were behind again. The liteons and the asus drives were much better to overcome these protections. Properly due to their mediatek chipsets. Today even liteys and asus got problems with the newest sd protections. There’s properly not many devices that is able to make 1:1 copys of the newest sd 2/3 protections. I did some tests with the px-708A (priates of the Caribbean sd 2.9) and wasn’t impressed. The copy failed in 4 out of 6 drives if I recall correct. The same test with my litey failed only in 1 drive, the px-708a!! These test were done with alcohol 120% without ews enabled. This doesn’t mean the drive is useless, you’ll just need some kind of emulation to get the job done. But to me the px-708a I definitely not a 2 sheep burner.

To all the experts out there, please correct me if I’m wrong.


There is a post over at about a guy name Nephilim, that says he made a working backup of Call of Duty & thats 3.10.20 SD using BlindWrite, haven’t got all the info as of yet but here is the url for that thread, will someone now tell me that my plexi it still a good ol’ 2 sheeper.
I’m waiting to hear from this guy with some more e-mail on if he had to use any emulation, I will post his e-mail to me at that time.
in the mean time could someone with more experience read his post & see if it looks valid.


Beer_Dog, are you posting about a game called Pirates of the Caribbean or a DVD movie, if it’s the movie I made a backup of that movie that plays on my Plextor as well as my stand alone GE DVD player model number DGE105N, & as of yet not made a coaster with any movies I made from my originals, lucky me.




Well according to a guy named Nephilim, on the Plextor px-708a did a sucessful copy with no emulation using BlindWrite & BWTweaker, of Call of Duty safe disc 3.10.20. no-hidecdr or other emulations, a 1:1 copy. yeahhh… just waiting for him to a do Safe Disc 3.15, then the Plextor Px-708A will be yet again a 2 Sheep Burner.


So with alcohol 120%, How do I know if im burning with emulation or not? thanks


Originally posted by flakeup
So with alcohol 120%, How do I know if im burning with emulation or not? thanks

When writing your image, uncheck everything except: ‘Enable buffer underrun technology’, if your drive support this feature. Make sure you have unchecked every thing in the ‘extra emulation’ section, when checking if your Disc is valid. This section is found under the emulation tab. If you’re checking your disc in a burner, you’ll have to enable: ‘ignore media type’. This feature is also found under the emulation tab, and is necessary to fool the ‘atip check’, that is implemented in most of the newer protections.