Plextor PX-708A & Nero errors

I’m having problems with my Plextor PX-708A (Firmware 1.06) and Nero (as supplied with the drive).

I’ve tried a variety of media including TDK (as specified on the Plextor ‘recommended media’ list).

Around 50% of the time writing a CD-R fails with a write error. Probably around 75% of the time writing DVD+R fails with a verify error during the verification stage in Nero.

I’ve had the drive itself replaced so I imagine that’s unlikely to be the problem, but what should I try next?

Now, there’s a review of the drive here:

which states that included with the drive is:

“a production-time notice (blue) on the incompatibility issues between the PX-708A and the bundled Nero (i.e. go download updates)”

My drive was supplied fitted so I don’t have this notice, can anybody tell me precisely what it says? Is that likely to be my problem?

Any advice would be welcome.



Most likely it was to go download the Nero updates at

Most likely it was to go download the Nero updates at

Yes, I’m sure you’re right (and I’ve done that), I’m just curious to know what it said - particularly since there are many reports of folks using with no problems.