Plextor PX-708A, Memorex and labels

After strugling a few months with the Plextor drive and finding not too expensive but well performing media I toucht Memorex and the PX-708A was a good combination. I branded 10 and more dvd’s, all playing good in my pc, my Toshiba dvd player and my douchters ps2 playstation. A few days ago I decided to clean up a litlle bit my dvd mess and atached labels to the dvd’s. Suprise suprise, more as 70% of the dvd’s are playing now bad on my Toshiba, most of them play also bad on my pc and the playstation. Someone has the same expierience?

I am having 7% failure rate with the Memorex 4x (RICOHJPN)s

I have had zero problems with Memorex, or phillips, or verbatim, or tdk for that matter. I bet the labels are the only issue, I’ve had problems with cd’s after putting labels on them before…

I use memorex dvds, label every dvd and cd I got, I like Neato High Gloss finish labels or Surething cd lables, I find there software to be the best. and there full face labels are not bad. I hate labels that can’t stay on so I would have to recommend Neato labels but surethings software. because they let you use any template you wish.

I’ve had problems with Memorex cdrw’s not working for video cds but no problems with the dvd products, work perfectly and I can alwasy find them on sale at future shop here in canada. Like I’ve said before here I buy what ever is on sale, Verbatim, Maxell or Memorex as long as it’s a brand name I know and trust some what I’ll use it and never have problems. it’s only been when I use house brand names or scary names like pine or Ngear, or GENERIC god knows if they are any good but I sure am not going to try them. it’s only when I use the cheap brands I run into problems.

if your going to label your dvds use good labels.

My second replacement 708A arrived today, whick means I am on my third. Crosses fingers!!