Plextor PX-708A DVD Burner Help

Hey. Hoping for some help.

I bought the Plextor burner back around December. It was working fine until about a month ago. I went to burn an audio CD and wasn’t able to.

I just re-formatted my computer earlier this week and I thought this would help, but I still can’t burn a CD. I downloaded the newest firmware from their website at .

It recognizes DVDs and installation CDs and I was able to burn a DVD-R using Nero.

However, when trying to burn an audio CD with Nero, Roxio and Windows Media Player, each time, it says there is no disc in the burner. I’ve tried TDK, Imation and Memorex.

Does anyone have any idea why this is? I’m not too sure how to do a self test. But is that what I need to do? Thanks for any help.

Perform the self test to make sure and use Recommended media…the other media can’t be all bad, but you want recommended media for the test. See the FAQ at or check your manual.

When you insert a blank CD during normal ops, the LED should be amber for about 10-15 seconds, then go green as it initializes. If you can read stamped CDs, you should be able to read the ATIP off the CD. Try DVDInfo Pro or one of the other utilities to see if you can ID the blank CD. If you can, and the application can’t see it, you probably have some kind of software conflict. If the drive LED does go green or you can read the ATIP, try (if you have XP) to boot in diagnostic mode.

if the led stays green, no problem (software prob). if led turns off after inserting a cd-r, then it’s a drive failure. i had the same problem, and after sometime, it couldn’t read any cd. i had it from october and it was tla#0002.

I put in a CD-R to see what it would do and it blinked orange twice over and over again.

But then I put the CD-R in my other DVD drive, no brand I don’t think, and that cold not read the disc either.

So I’m a bit confused now.

i have the same problem…ur gonna have to call up Plextors Tech Support and RMA it…its a drive failure…i’ve used a few Imations and Memorex CD-R’s during self-test and they weren’t being recognized…i also tried a Fuji CD-RW and that didnt work…so ur gonna have to send it back and get a new one…good luck dude…

Thanks, I’ll give them a call soon.