Plextor PX-708A as good as premium?

Any of the BW team tried this drive? does it have the same capabilities as the premium?

Thank u!

i was told it does…but when i tried it with securerom i couldnt get it to go into the varirate mode for burning like my premium…so i took it back. maybe i was doing something wrong niot sure. but its one hell of a good dvd writer!

Unfortunately, the 708A doesn’t have the same features for CD as the Premium (e.g. no Varirate).

But as Jamos said, it’s a very good DVD writer!

Apologies for dragging up an old thread but this one was the closest to my question that I could find.

Concerning the varirate capability of the 708, is it different than that of the Premium or not there at all? What confuses me is that PlexTools Pro lists a varirate option but it isn’t doesn’t function in BW5.1.1.128 via BW5Tweaker whereas the it works beautifully with the Premium - thank you so much VSO and those involved with Tweaker. :bow:

Again, I apologize if this subject has been beaten to death and I missed it. Thank you for your time and any information.

Well, the 708 has no Varirate (Gigarec), as you can see on the product page:
Maybe you confused VariRec and Varirate…

I believe I did:o Thanks for your patience and clarifying that for me.