Plextor PX-708A and RAID



I just fixed a problem I was having with my 708, and I thought I’d let everyone know what the problem was…

My 708 seemed to only record at 1x… which sucked. I have a Soyo Dragon Plus! SY-K7V motherboard, and I’m using the Raid controller as just 4 extra IDEs. I had the 708 hooked up to one of those IDE cables… So, in the device manager, I went to try to make sure the drive was on DMA… but the IDE devices on RAID don’t seem to have the advanced options allowing the DMA/PIO setting…

Opened up the case, put the drive on one of the main IDE cables, and voila, it’s writing at 8x. Fantastic!

Just thought you all should know, in case any of you have this configuration, and are having problems…



Checked the manual for the MB. You can’t run anything but HDD on the Promise RAID controller. No device driver to handle packet writing. You can have JBOD but no ATAPI other than HDD.


Thanks for the info mathferret, welcome to the forum!