Plextor px-708a and bad media (CMCMAG) probs

Hey, whats up everyone… i just joined so i can get some input on peoples various experiences with the 708 and diff media…
when I bought the drive it came with FW 1.01. After I bought the drive, FW 1.04 was avail. i always stayed on top of FW updates. drive has worked perfect with the early batches of memorex x4(RICOHJPN-R01-02) 25ct. IMATION x2 DVD-R (RITEK G03) and IMATION DVD+R x4 (RICOHJPN-R01-02).
Was supprised that memorex for one was using good media… that is until i bought what looked on the out side to be the same packaging cake box of both brands to now find out they switched to my most hated media now. Memorex 8x DVD-R(CMCMAG AE1)… i Cant get a single disc to burn right yet…
not sure if any of the firmware updates (was using 1.08@time of failing) now using 1.09, i sucessfully burned but fails the verify 80% through the check.(DVDDecrypter)
I dont usually buy cheap media. i just knew the first time they were actual ricohjpn discs.
I also just found out that all OfficeDepot DVD-R 4x media is RITEK G04 which is what i use for ps2 backups… so i picked up a couple…

so just wondering if anyone has had similar probs with this drive.
Also, how is MBIPG101 R04 media, and how well does it work with the 708?


Well it seems the 708 loves this new Imation DVD+R (MBIPG101-R04-01) media…

I 22:57:41 Source File Size: 4,651,450,368 bytes
I 22:57:41 Destination Device: [1:0:0] PLEXTOR DVDR PX-708A 1.09 (E:) (ATA)
I 22:57:41 Destination Media Type: DVD+R (Disc ID: MBIPG101-R04-01) (Speeds: 2.4x, 4x, 8x)
I 23:05:50 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:08:09
I 23:05:50 Average Write Rate: 10,139 KB/s (7.3x) - Maximum Write Rate: 11,158 KB/s (8.1x)

ok now i just tried some new sony DVD+R ver. 1.2 and shortly after I start burning the image Error after error in dvd decrypter, could not write to 800.

this looks like high quality media… so i dont know… enough testing for today…

Use the RECOMMENDED BRANDS OF DVD MEDIA for the 708A drive. SONY DVD MEDIA is crappy in my opinion because it’s HIT or MISS. RECOMMENDED BRANDS OF DVD MEDIA are MAXELL with MEDIA CODE TYG01 or TYG02, RICOH & MXL GR01, IMATION uses RICOH, TDK TTG01, & the BEST MEDIA OF ALL TAIYO YUDEN. FUJI (MADE IN JAPAN) is TAIYO YUDEN. RITEK is on PLEXTOR’s compatible list which doesn’t mean it would work well on the 708a drive. Use those brands of media with those media codes and you won’t burn any coasters. Use DVDINFO PRO or DVD IDENTIFIER to find out the exact media codes. Brand names don’t mean much unless you know the exact media codes. MADE IN JAPAN discs are generally the best to use.

I’d recomend also MCC and Prodisc

yes i am very aware of different factories producing media, and been scaning my disc’s for a while. i know what good media is… but imation switches just like others… i got a 25 pack of imation dvd+r and they are MBIPG101. i was upset when i found this out as i knew they were usually RICOHJPN. yes ritek is a cheap brand, i NEVER use thier CD-R’s. for CD-R’s i only use maxel PRO (taiyo yuden)on my plex premium.
but for DVD-R RITEK G04 is the only disc’s that (I got to) work well with the PS2(ver.5) and never had 1 prob out of 75 (RITEK)disc i burned on the plextor, so it seems to like the media just fine…
my Maxell DVD-R (mxl)Also works great. always got my best results from RICOH and MCC, havent had the chance to pick up some taiyo dvd’s, was trying to find somewhere local to get some fuji. If i could, I would use nothing but Taiyo yudens. from my experience from the maxel pro cd-r’s, yuden’s are the best you can get.

Slightly off topic, but only very slightly!!! I was wondering if someone could recommend a “GOOD” CDRIdentifier program? I have DVDIdentifier v3.6.2 but I need a program to do CD-R’s, any help appreciated!!!

Tweak…All of the Made in India DVD media 8X I have used have been great.

the_Wop, have you tried PlexTools? :slight_smile:

Or Plextor’s CDVDInfo :wink:

Or CD/DVD Speed (arguably best) and SmartBurn.

PX-708UF TLA 0002 (SEP 2003) via USB2 w/ FW 1.09
CD/DVD SPEED 3.75 - 8:04

nothin amazing but a solid burn