Plextor PX-708A Amber light blinks 2 times



I got a Plextor Px-708A and it works great for cds and cd burning but when i put a dvd into the drive the light goes to amber and blinks 2 times then goes off for like 3secs and repeats that proccess. What am i sopost to do? is the drive dead?


Used a proper burning app for the DVD recordables??


Sounds not good maybe like you mentioned dead.
Have a look at here


Sorry it took me so long to replie but I just got a new internet connection and it took me a wile to get it up. Okay, so I just put a regular DVD (Act of War) in the drive and it doesn’t work. I also tried a bunch of other DVDs but they didn’t work either. Well mabey I’ll send it to plextar and they can either replace or fix it. thanks for the replies.